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Jewellery Care


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Keeping your polished finish

For polished Silver, Gold and Gold Plated items dampen a non fibrous cloth with warm soapy water and gently rub the surface til it is clean. You can also use a soft toothbrush with the soapy water and brush in a circular motion. The toothbrush is especially effective for the intricate pieces that I make, that often have small nooks and crannies that may be tricky to get to with a cloth.

Alternatively try using a Silver or Gold Polishing cloth to buff up solid Gold and Sterling Silver pieces. Do not use a polishing cloth on Gold Plated items as it can rub off the Plating..

You can use Silver dip on Silver and solid Gold items only (not Gold plated pieces) this will remove tarnish instantly. Dip the jewellery in the liquid for approximately 15 seconds before rinsing THOROUGHLY with water and allowing to air dry. Follow the instructions on your Silver dip product. Goddards and Town Talk are two manufacturers of Silver dip that I have used.

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Keeping a ‘white baked’ finish

The ‘white baked’ finish is achieved when I add a layer of fine Silver to the surface of a design to achieve a beautiful opalescent look.To keep your fine Silver finish you can use Silver dip to remove any tarnish and restore the white colour (follow the steps above for Silver dip) . Do not rub the surface directly with a cloth as this will remove the white baked finish.

Over time the fine silver will wear down if it is contact with the skin. This is why I mainly use this finish on earrings and hair slides that will not come in frequent contact with the skin. When your jewellery is not being worn please keep it in the original box (or similar) to ensure that the surface is not being rubbed or scratched.

Gold plated items

Where stated all items are plated with a minimum 2 microns of 18ct Gold. This provides a long lasting finish for general wear and when treated with care. Avoid contacting the jewellery with perfumes and creams and always take off jewellery when showering/swimming/ jacuzzi etc.

Items can be re-plated in the future if necessary, this will incur a small cost. If you are interested in this service please contact me directly for a quote based on your piece.