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All pieces are made by hand by Fiona. Shipping is free on all UK and Canadian orders. For all enquiries please contact me on

Garland hair pin

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garland hair pins2.jpg
garland hair pins.jpg
garland hair pins2.jpg

Garland hair pin


This handmade hair adornment from my Garland collection is inspired by the delicacy and transience of the cherry blossom. The hair pins can be worn individually or when built up as two or three pieces they work beautifully for bridal hair.

I like the idea that they can be very easily dressed up or down, and become treasured accessories that can be brought out again and again.

These pins work well on thick and finer hair. The prongs have been hardened so that they are firm and it is possible to easily work with them into fine hair.

Individual hair pin measures approximately 4cm across (petals) and is 6cm in length. (Two pins are photographed together in these images.)

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