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Unit 9D, Queens yard, white post lane
London, E9 5en
United Kingdom


Having trained as a jeweller & silversmith for over seven years, I have developed my own signature, illustrative style, working exclusively with precious metals.  A love of origami and paper-cut puppetry have influenced my graphic sketch style and influenced the way I approach working with silver and gold.  Whilst a desire to create pieces that will last forever continues to push my creativity and love of working with precious metals.
Ancient and far-flung artefacts also influence my design work, by questioning our conventional uses of jewellery. The new Garland collection was inspired by Roman and Victorian wreaths, made from ancient everlasting flowers and perfectly preserved mourning wreaths made of human hair. 
I have taken the opportunity to explore a new city, leaving my studio in East London and settling in a beautiful new space in East Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada.  The proximity to nature and the offerings of the local rainforests of Vancouver are undoubtedly influencing my work and inspiring future collections. Follow my Instagram for up to date news, events and inspirations.